TFS' Shameful Secret

Have you ever had an inside joke go too far?

In late 2006, forum member LogosInvictus ran a game meant to be an homage to 90's anime series, known as Shadow Academy. The game went well, but then was rebooted in 2007, based on both the Shadow Hearts and Shin Megami Tensei video game franchises. It survived several incarnations in this form.

Then in 2008, the chat at large decided to try a round-robin attempt at the fighting game RPG, Thrash. While the attempt ultimately failed after about the fifth session, the cast had written a great deal of canon for their characters, and it was jokingly hinted that the two games were in the same world. There was a playthrough of the Maid RPG that likewise referenced both canons, further adding credibility to the setting and adding some of the world's more unique eccentricities. It was later cemented in the runthrough of the Hikkomori RPG done by forum member Bassist159 that involved the two casts directly interacting, and later versions of Shadow Academy referenced the setting of Santa Ignatia. The two games, for better or worse, were now one big happy family.

But that wasn't enough, apparently. In 2009, LogosInvictus ran a second game, entitled Grorious Nippon, meant to be a send-up of every anime and manga cliche the cast could mash together, that went over surprisingly well. The game later rebooted as a "second season" with a slightly more down to earth cast and premise in the same setting. Both versions of the game were meant to fill in the other casts' in-jokes, being a popular series in their world. More recently, a third game, spinning off of Grorious Nippon was planned. The canon had a metacanon now.

This wiki is an attempt to get all of that bizzarre canon down for easy reference, to serve as a jump-off point for games in the series.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

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